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The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is developing a Strategic Plan to boost boating participation, guide investment in maritime infrastructure and improve the boating experience across the State.

The South Australian Boating Strategic Plan will focus on the State’s four key geographic regions with high levels of boating activity; namely, the Central, Western, South Eastern and Murray regions. Within each region, priority projects will be identified which improve safety and access to the waterways, enhance destinations for boaters and maximise benefits for the boating and broader community.

The Plan will introduce a new approach to infrastructure planning and investment and will be informed by an extensive consultation process, involving feedback from key stakeholders and the local community. The plans will guide future infrastructure investment decisions over the next five years, particularly for funds from the boating infrastructure levy, to which most boaters contribute.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has engaged the Boating Industry Association (BIA) to assist in developing the Plan and engaging with stakeholders.

The four studies area which will be the focus of the Strategic Plan

Why are we doing this?

Adopting a strategic approach will enable a long term, cohesive and coordinated view of statewide priorities to be developed.

We aim to make it easier for councils and other potential project partners to access funds for eligible projects by reducing red tape and identifying priority projects. At the same time the plans will make it easier for Councils, organisations and other stakeholders to work collaboratively to improve South Australia’s Boating Future.

By engaging with boat users, councils and the boating and wider community, we are collecting information on what works and what doesn’t, so we can develop plans that will improve South Australia’s Boating Future and support the goals of increased efficiency, safety and innovation.

When is this happening?

Boaters, local government and the wider community are being asked to get involved in two phases of engagement. Firstly, there is an opportunity to respond to an online survey about current facilities and opportunities for improvement. Secondly, stakeholders will be asked to participate in a series of community information sessions following the release of the draft Strategic Plan.

How can I get involved?

Working closely with the community and getting feedback from as many stakeholders as possible is an important part in developing the Strategic Plan and in shaping South Australia’s boating future.

An online survey has been set up so that you can provide feedback on the boating facilities in your region.

To complete the survey, go to:

You can also contact the project team via phone or email if you have any questions or want to provide additional feedback at:

1800 810 680 (free call)