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What’s the difference between Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Apprenticeships usually last for 3 or 4 years and cover trades such as carpentry, electrical, shipwright, metal fabrication, etc. It combines practical experience at work with a formal qualification through a Registered Training Organisation e.g. TAFE.

Traineeships usually last 1 or 2 years and provide training in vocational areas not covered by apprenticeships. They are generally in non-trade related areas and can be full or part-time programs.

Apprenticeships and traineeships in the boating industry include: shipwright and boatbuilding, marine mechanics, trimming and general boat services. You can also undertake traineeships and apprenticeships in affiliated vocational areas and apply your skills in the boating and marine industries. For instance: composite fabrication (polymers and plastics), maritime operations, marine engineering, tourism and hospitality, business administration or management.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are available fulll-time, part-time or school based and available to anyone of working age with or without a secondary school certificate or other qualification. You can be a school leaver, re-entering the workforce or an adult worker simply wishing to change careers.

Information for Employers
Information for Apprentices / Trainees

What’s a school-based traineeship?
If you are still at school you can combine paid work, training and school in a school-based traineeship. You can finish you HSC and gain credit towards an apprenticeship for when you leave school, plus get valuable ‘hands-on’ work experience. Ask your Careers Advisor for more information, and also take a look at

How do I find an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?
• Search job ads - go online to search for jobs in your area. Remember to check your local newspaper as well as industry media. Use sites such as:,,,, (formerly My Career). The Australian Apprentice Job Pathways website also provides useful information about job sites to visit and how to search -

• Approach local employers in your area - they may have an apprenticeship coming up, or they just may not know about the benefits of employing an apprentice. Go armed with literature and information just in case - visit sites like to prepare. To find marine businesses in your area, visit or use a local business directory.

• Talk to people about it, and “network” - your family and friends may know of an employer in the industry who is looking for an apprentice

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