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VET System

Vocational Education and Training
For some time now there have been major changes in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) space. A range of reforms at Federal level have influenced funding and the focus of the VET system, plus State Government have sought to address the escalating cost of VET and general poor outcomes in terms of completion rates.

This, in combination with low business volumes brought about by the GFC - a situation which has significantly reduced new apprenticeship engagements in marine trades - has contributed to the dwindling of training options for prospective and actual apprentices and employers in the marine sector.

The current model and structure for VET for the boating industry could easily become critically unsustainable. Read more about the current situation here.

VET Forum
In October 2013, BIAA General Manager Nik Parker hosted BIAs Exec’s, Board Representatives and members from around from around the country at a forum in Sydney. Specialists from relevant Industry Training Bodies (ITAB’s) addressed the group on the future of the VET system, and we discussed the challenges that our industry must face.

The VET Forum was captured on video - you can view it below.

Part 1: Part 2:

In coming together to consider the problem, the BIAs have agreed to mobilise collaboratively to pursue the following objectives:

♦ Establish a mechanism to attract and engage marine mechanical and shipwright / boatbuilder apprentices, and support the completion.
♦ Work to ensure the provision of sustainable, accessible, high quality training delivery services for marine trades.

You can download a copy of the presentation slides here.

You can read more about the BIA’s proposal here.